Mokotów BOX

16 Wołoska Str., Warsaw

Mokotów BOX

Mokotów BOX is a unique building located right next to Galeria Mokotów, offering 7,000 m2 of office space and 5,000 m2 of service space which could be used for storage, data centres, archives or conference rooms. The facility has 185 above-ground parking spaces.

The building houses many services, including a cafe, supermarket, medical centre, fitness club, self-storage and a pharmacy. It combines the advantages of the perfect location and exposure with a rich infrastructure.




Car park

Medical clinic


Shopping arcade

Public transport


Advantages of the Mokotów BOX location:

  • In the direct vicinity of Galeria Mokotów
  • The entrance to Warsaw’s southern bypass is located 2 km from the facility, ensuring convenient access to all major transport routes in Poland
  • A large number of tram and bus lines located directly next to the building, and a metro station within 10 minutes’ walk, allows easy access to the facility from any part of the city
  • The location of the building around 200 meters from the intersection of ul. Wołoska and ul. Marynarska allows access to the city centre within 15 minutes
  • Cyclists can use the well-developed network of cycle paths and the Veturilo bike rental system
  • The close vicinity of Chopin Airport (just 5 km away) allows access to the airport within 10 minutes


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Magdalena Kozak

Magdalena Kozak

Leasing Specialist

+ 48  605 583 383


Oliwer Richter

Oliwer Richter

Senior Leasing Manager

+ 48 607 919 969


    Powierzchnia całkowita:

    18 000 m2

    Powierzchnia typowego piętra:

    około 2 000 m2

    Powierzchnia wolna:

    od 50 m2

    Stawka czynszu:

    biuro 11,50 €/m2 | magazyn 8,00 €/m2

    Opłata eksploatacyjna:

    biuro 18,00 zł/m2 | magazyn 12,00 lub 18,00 zł/m2


    Mokotów, Warszawa

    Mokotów, Warsaw